Video of our experimental tool : the BIOTOP planter.

The BIOTOP planter is the prototype of the URBANATURA food system gardening units you can use individually, or joined together, to create very productive rooftop gardens, exterior terraces and balconies. You can also use it indoors, in solariums, verandas and windowsills. 

URBANATURA planters :

Wide choice of colors !


Solid colors

White (SW) , Black (SB) , Creme (SC), Firetruck Red (SFR) , Burgundy red (SBR) , Canary Yellow (SCY) , Bright Blue (SBB)

Natural colors

Terra cotta ( NTC) , Chocolate Brown (NCB) , Forest Green ( NFG) , Lime Green ( NLG) , Anthracite Grey 

(NAG), Pale Brown (NPB)

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